We know good lighting!

If you add our expert team of designers and product development engineers together, we have over 40 years’ experience in the design and specification of lighting projects and products. We know exactly what we are looking for when it comes to selecting the right LED lights and lighting controls to deliver outstanding lighting projects. Whether you need lighting for a residential or commercial project, we have solutions for all applications including the home, industry, road, façade and creative lighting markets. 

We independently select the best LED lights based on three main criteria: performance, usability and effectiveness. Our controls systems are chosen to offer ease of use and installation, as well as delivering efficiency and drama in lighting designs.

Lighting and controls systems that work together 

Our passion lies with controls and electronics. One of our missions is to demystify the world of controls. Even today, while many consumers understand the benefits of controls they still aren’t confident in their purchases. Our aim is to unravel the mystery of the controls world and make your decision easy, informed and fun. 

We do half the work for you. Selecting from the wide range of manufacturers, we bring the products you need from the highest quality manufacturers. Controls add delight and creativity to a lighting design and we like to get creative! At EPS you can buy your complete package of lights and complementary controls in one simple transaction. 

Lighting design at its most creative 

With every lighting package we sell, we offer a lighting design service as standard. If you need any help with your schemes and designs, just let us know.