The brief

The Al Jaber Hospital is the latest Government funded project in Kuwait. The hospital is over 695,000m2 with a total build cost of >£814m. The hospital has 1168 beds, 4728 car parking spaces, 2000m2 of C4 shelters spanning across 16 levels. The hospital is truly one of the most iconic buildings in Kuwait thanks to it's internationally recognisable and famous 5-elevation media facade lighting system, which has in excess of 5000 light fixtures. 

The Project

The Al Jaber Hospital Kuwait is one of the most recognisable buildings in the Capital City thanks to its 5-elevation media facade, a solution designed and engineered by EPS Lighting in coordination with Al Sabah General Electric and various consultants within the region (please contact us for details).

The 5-elevation facade is made up of in excess of 5000 fixtures, each with RGB (red, green, blue) LED engines, controlled individually from one another and mapped using sophisticated control solutions from Pharos Controls, Artistic Licence and Cisco. EPS Lighting designed and developed the entire control solution, as well as the media and video content for the installation.

The LPC (lighting playback controller) is mounted within a cooled communications room, with fibre uplinks to various locations throughout the building which house Art-Net to DMX gateways, manufactured by our partner Artistic Licence Engineering; from here dedicated DMX cabling runs up the spine of each facade elevation, to various break-out stations that house DMX splitters which branch off to banks of fixtures.

The entire solution is managed remotely by EPS Lighting, over a dedicated and secure connection with 24/7/365 accessibility. This connectivity allows EPS Lighting to upload new content for various events and festivals throughout the year as part of a maintenance package.

Each elevation is capable of playing back low-resolution media content, custom designed and created by EPS Lighting, with the capability to play back different streams of content across each elevation at the same time, truly outlining the capabilities of the controllers in use and the back-end network infrastructure in place.


EPS Lighting 

Al Sabah General Electric Co

Various consultants (please contact us for details)