The brief

“When it comes to selecting the lighting and controls for a luxury shopping experience, it can be a minefield. Working with high-end merchandise is always a worry, we wanted to highlight our displays and create atmosphere and drama by emphasising the unique architectural details but were also concerned about the effect of high light output onto our bright white products – EPS and Erosphos guided us and provided the ideal solution.” 

To provide lighting products which will showcase wedding merchandise in the best light, whilst meeting all the standards and requirements for a public space.




The Project

Described as the first department store for weddings, The Wedding Gallery, at One Marylebone is in the heart of London and is ‘the place’ to visit for brides and grooms. Situated in a converted Anglican cathedral it offers a unique end-to-end experience for engaged couples. Featuring over 200 leading wedding brands and services, The Wedding Gallery is a hub for fashion trends, wedding ideas and creativity.

Aiding the unique shopping experience is the playful layout of store. Brands are placed amongst twisting and turning tunnels, adding an element of fun and surprise. However, the unusual layout comes with its drawbacks - no natural light.

Initially commissioned to provide lighting for the building’s exterior, ErosPhos and EPS were also asked to look at the interior of the building, after compiling a design, they consulted with the client’s in-house construction team.

White, cream, ivory lace and pearls. The lighting products selected for the task of displaying the high-end merchandise needed to be sympathetic to the materials and the lighting scheme eye-catching and enticing. EPS and Erosphos worked in partnership to provide a harmonious result.

Russell Vanstone, EPS Technical Director and his team provided design renders, mock-ups and worked closely with interior designer Christian Lahoude to guarantee that the lighting scheme maximised the architectural designs and showed off the merchandise to the full effect.

Russell adds, “We made sure that we specified the correct functions including emergency lighting, which not only complied fully with the BSEN standards for emergency lighting and general illumination levels, but also met the design requirements and catered for the fact that this is indeed a very high-end retail environment. With the right optics and light distribution, it was possible to meet the relevant standards and deliver on the architectural aspect.”

The interior lighting was provided by Nobile Italia and Hadler. Because of the building’s Grade-I listed status, ErosPhos were not able to make any structural changes to the building, therefore cable trays and recessed ceilings were used throughout.

Russell ends, “It has been really exciting to be a part of this new concept and way of wedding shopping. We were able to use light to guide customers around the store and cast light in dramatic and revealing ways, while still meeting all of the standards.”


Lighting and control design, programming, project management

EPS Lighting

Nobile Italia and Hadler