The adage has never been truer when it comes to selecting LED fixtures for your handrails. The Original Puck HLS Handrail System is a world-class lighting solution, synonymous with quality and longevity.

Lit handrails are not only a vital safety feature, but they are also a glittering addition to any feature. Whether it’s your home or a public area that you’re looking to light, LED luminaries are a subtle yet effective way of illuminating your space.

These little LEDs are lighting the way when it comes to handrail systems. They are vandal-resistant which is critical when they are being installed in public spaces. They are super-flexible, meaning you can choose from a wide range of beams, colours and dimming protocols. And emergency and solar alternatives are also available, so whatever your requirement there’s an LED to match.

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Over 100,000 HLS minipucks have been installed in locations all over the world since Planet Lighting launched the product in 2006. Made from durable and resistant electropolished 316 stainless steel, these LEDs can be installed in new handrails, or retrofitted into existing handrails. Resistant to corrosion, you can rest assured that the HLS Handrail System will last far longer than any cheaper alternative.

All too often customers come to us looking to replace their cheaper LEDs with the real thing, having had enough of constantly repairing and replacing them. Once they invest in the HLS Puck Handrail System they never look back. Click HERE to find out more about the specification, and get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail.