8 x 5 Amp source controller, 40 Amp single phase supply

4 circuits of inductive leading edge, 4 circuits of 1-10V, DSI and DALI ballast control and 4 relays for power switching of non-dim loads.

Input isolator only included on RCBO and RCBOX versions

Manufacturer : iLight

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Control Protocols iCan network
Dimensions Dimensions 400x220x155mm (RCBO & RCBOX - 440x255x155mm)
Weight 7 Kilograms (RCBO & RCBOX - 8 Kilograms)
Interfaces RS485
Ambient Operating Temperature +2ºC to +40ºC Humidity: +5 to 95% non condensing
Certifications CE
Operating Voltage 230 volts -/+ 10% 50/60 Hz (optionally, 127 volt 60 Hz)
Notes SCIO805T - 2 x 20A Breakers, no isolator SCIO805TN - 2 x 20A ‘N’ Type Breakers, no isolator SCIO805S - Single pole, no isolator SCIO805N - Neutral disconnect, no isolator SCIO805RCBO - RCBO Breakers with isolator SCIO805RCBOX - 8 x SP MCBs with isolator (For field fitting of RCBOs)


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