The Ethernet Gateway provides a connection between an iCAN network and an Ethernet LAN. This allows a user to control and configure the iLight system using iCANsoft on a LAN network PC or via the internet rather than by connecting directly into the iLight network. Where a wireless LAN is in place (or by connecting a wireless router into the Ethernet Gateway) the user can access the network with a Wi-Fi enabled PC.

The Ethernet Gateway is also the host for the iLight series of remote applications including iOS (iPhone®/ iPod touch®/ iPad®) and a webserver front end where applications are downloaded separately. Coupling the EG-2 to a WIFI network enables secure scene control, visual feedback and modification from your hand held device.

The Ethernet Gateway also facilitates connection to the internet when used with iCANsoft, a firewall, ISP and a Ethernet switch, this then enables remote connection for controlling, programming & obtaining diagnostics of the lighting control system.

The Ethernet Gateway is available in two versions:

EG2-NA - Ethernet Gateway including power supply and steel enclosure.

EG2 - Ethernet Gateway in DINrail enclosure. Power Supply and metal DINRail enclosure available to order separately.

Manufacturer : iLight

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Control Protocols iCan network, Ethernet
Dimensions 240 x 220 x 90mm
Weight 3 Kg
Ambient Operating Temperature +2ºC to +40ºC Humidity: +5 to 95% non condensing
Operating Voltage Requires 9 - 36VDC
Mounting Surfaces Wall/DIN


Product Guides

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User Guides

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