daliGate Quad


daliGate quad seamlessly integrates DALI with  Art-Net/DMX/RDM. In practice, it enables any Art-Net enabled console to control DALI fixtures alongside DMX/RDM infrastructure. No need for proprietary technology or specialist engineers!

daliGate quad is DIN rail product with Art-Net/sACN on the input and four DALI outputs. It can be used in two distinct ways – streaming and command – which are described in detail below.

In command mode, daliGate quad can be used with our free daliScene app to remotely control scenes from a tablet or smartphone.


daliGate quad is an ethernet-to-DALI interface providing four DALI circuits. It supports Art-Net 4 and sACN.

Configuration is via the internal web-browser or DMX-Workshop (free-of-charge software available from Artistic Licence). DHCP enables automatic IP addressing; static IP and LLRP negotiation are also supported.

All four DALI circuits are individually optically isolated.

A factory reset switch enables the default settings to be restored - simply hold down and cycle the power. Alternatively, a single press of this button sends a ‘squawk’ message over the network to the console. This enables easy physical location of the gateway.

The product is powered by PoE or an external DC power supply (we recommend PSU-9-1.5-FER).


daliGate quad can be used in two distinct ways, both of which are ground-breaking:

Mode 1: Streaming

This mode is useful for any application where both DMX and DALI are needed.

  • Use daliGate quad with an Art-Net capable lighting desk to directly control DALI gear alongside DMX fixtures.
  • All DALI back channel data (such as lamp failure, product capability) is converted to RDM and returned over Art-Net so that the lighting desk can view and change the settings.
  • Broadcast, group and channel addressing can be used at same time to increase flexibility.
  • daliGate quad has a data capture system built in, allowing it to be used as a test and analysis tool in combination with DMX-Workshop (our free software package).

Mode 2: Scene

This mode is useful for applications that require remote control of scenes, such as corporate foyers or meeting rooms, retail, high-end residential, schools, museums and visitor centres.

Manufacturer : Artistic Licence

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