DMXtoDALI quad converts DMX values into DALI commands to allow integration between a DMX512 controller and DALI devices. Up to four DALI circuits can be controlled via DMX512 allowing up to 256 devices to be connected. (For conversion of DALI into DMX, please see the sister product, Rail-DALI-DMX).

DMXtoDALI quad provides simultaneous control via all four addressing modes (Broadcast, Group, Device and Scene) and supports both DT0 (intensity) and DT8 (Colour Temperature and RGBWAF).

Product configuration involves selection (via RDM) of the DMX512 start address (programmable per product and per DALI circuit) and personality. The latter defines the map between the DMX512 channels and DALI addresses and comes in nine variants to cover common control scenarios. Once configured, a DMX512 channel level change triggers transmission of a DALI command.

DMXtoDALI quad is highly configurable, enabling it to be tailored for specific installation requirements. If DALI luminaires are to be used alongside DMX lamps, a dimming curve correction can be implemented to improve the visual effect.

Other configuration options include the ability to disable buffering (a trick that can be useful for fast-moving effects), and a 'quiet mode' that suppresses automatic discovery of commissioned DALI devices (to allow interoperability with multiple DALI masters).

The front panel of DMXtoDALI features status LEDs that give useful instant feedback. In particular, the DALI circuit LEDs will not illuminate if the DALI bus power is missing. The DMX512 light gives confidence that input data is being received, and the power indicator flashes when an RDM locate command is sent (this feature enables easy identification of the DALI devices on each circuit).

The DMX input can withstand accidental continuous connection to 425 VAC, and will recover when the fault is removed.

Manufacturer : Artistic Licence

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